Current Projects (2008)

1. Program “Peningkatan Partisipasi Perempuan Politik”
The Objective of this program is to develop of women participation,  this project covers two activities : a workshop and interactive radio/talkshow on the challenges for elections 2009 in increasing women participation in electoral process (August)
Funding  :  IFES (International Foundation for Electoral System)

2. Program ‘Pluralisme’ (As local partner of Kapal Perempuan Jakarta)
The objective of this program is to develop a monitoring tool for issues related to pluralism in Indonesia, using Bali as one of the regions for try-out. This year Bali Sruti assists Kapal Perempuan with the research on pluralism in Bali by gathering relevant documents and organizing multistakeholder FGD sessions (March), organized workshop for Kapal and local teams (August),  the try-out of the tool (September), and socialization of the result of the research (December).
Funding: Kapal Perempuan

3. Assistance to the Jakarta based organizing committee of the second conference of the Kartini Network ‘The Future of Asian feminisms: Confronting Fundamentalisms, Conflict and Neoliberalism’.
Place: Bali
Date: 2-6 November
Bali Sruti together with the Women’s Study Center (PSW) of the Udayana University staffs the local organizing committee.
Funding: Kartini Asia Network, headoffice Jakarta

4. Weekly Radio Program “Luh Sruti” (cooperation with local RRI radio station)
Ongoing weekly radio programme ‘Luh Sruti’ on current and general matters related to women’s empowerment and women’s welfare. Started in december 2006. Setting: one or two competent professionals/activists/academics are invited as resource persons, public can call and ask questions (interactive). Speakers come from Bali, but occasionally from Jakarta or abroad when they happen to be in Bali. One member of Bali Sruti (Luh Putu Anggreni) hosts the 1.5 hour broadcasts (each Saturday, 09.00-10.30) and invites guest speakers to talk about issues related to women and children.
Funding: Bali Sruti and sponsored by RRI (providing low-cost broadcasting time)

Information, Education and Awareness Raising Programs and Activities 2004-2007

>> Dec 2008
Publication and launching of the book ‘Keluarga Bebas Kekerasan’
Funding: Social Welfare Department Province of Bali (Dinas Sosial Provinsi Bali), BIWA, WHDI (Wanita Hindu Dharma Indonesia).

>> Jan/Nov 2006
Production of six issues of the magazine ‘Bali Sruti, suara nurani perempuan’ with thematical focus. Issue 1 and 6: Domestic Violence; issue 2: Unwanted Pregnancy; issue 3: Divorce; issue 4: Gender and Performing Arts in Bali; issue 5: Sex education. Each issue was produced after a FGD discussion with stakeholders and included information from and about individuals and organizations active in the field. Number of issues: 2000 ex. Distribution: 40%  for free to women’s organizations (governmental, NGO’s, formal and informal women’s networks), government agencies (Dep. of women’s empowerment, social affairs, etc.) and community organizations (banjar, desa) in Bali . The remaining copies were sold through local media agents (modestly succesful).
Funding: ACCESS, BIWA.

>> Nov. 2005
Production of a cartoon booklet on the new law on domestic violence.
Objective: information to local NGO’s and women’s organizations about this law in through a media easy to digest by the general public.
Funding: Bali International Women’s Association, Rotary Taman Sanur and individual sponsors.

>> July 2005
Production of a tv commercial. Objective: to encourage women to give their vote to candidates that care about women and children (with the Indonesian Political Commission for Women (KPPI).
Funding: Bali Sruti and KPPI.

>> April/June ’05
Production of a document “How to get women’s votes” (CMSP), sent to the 15 candidates for the Bali office of regent of resp. 4 regencies (kabupaten) and the municipality of     Denpasar.
Objective: raise their awareness on gender issues that need to be attended to by local government.
Result: June 2005 Presentation to three candidates for regency/mayor office on their request for audiences (average: 80 people) consisting of party members and women’s organizations. Wide press coverage, including Bali TV and TRVI.
Funding: Bali Sruti (april), The candidates / political parties (iJune).

>> Jan/Febr. ’05
Weekly radio series (8 x)  on the same law broadcasted by local radio station Duta FM.
Objective: inform the public of the new law on domestic violence (U.U. no. 23, 2004).
Funding: Bali International Women’s Association (BIWA).

>> Dec. ’04
Production of a traditional Balinese theater performance (Bondres) of 15 minutes
Broadcasted three times on Bali TV between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Objective: inform the public of the new law on domestic violence (U.U. no. 23, 2004).
Funding: local Department of Social Affairs.

Bali Sruti members also take part or contribute to:

  • The gender mainstreaming team of the Bali provincial bureau for women’s empowerment (BKPP).
  • Radio and television programs on women and children (local Bali TV, national TVRI, d national radiostation RRI, and local private radiostations)
  • Local and national seminars and workshops on women’s issues organized by numerous other organizations (as facilitors, presenters of a paper and as participants). The demand for  Bali Sruti speakers, presenters or facilitators is approximately 6 times a month (including presentations on radio and television)
  • The local weekly media “Tokoh” (articles written by Bali Sruti members)

The above mentioned requests by local government and NGO’s adressed to Bali Sruti shows that the organization has made a name for itself as a valuable source of information on gender issues and children’s needs.