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Bali Sruti, lembaga peduli perempuan dan anak (organization caring about women and children) was established in August 2004 by Dr. Luh Riniti Rahayu M.Si, Dra. Sita van Bemmelen MA, gender consultant,  and Ms Kusumawati SH from the Department of Industry and Trade of the province of Bali (Dinas Perindag). Members of the team of volunteers at Bali Sruti include two lawyers, an anthropologist, a public health expert, the owner of a radio station and three junior assistants. Bali Sruti has a paid secretary, a small office and limited office equipment. The organization has been operational since November 1st, 2004. Legal status: association (legal documents available).

What We Do

Gender inequality is a pervasive characteristic of all sectors of life in Bali due to four decades of gender biased development policies and a patrilineal kinship system. Bali Sruti is committed to scale down the present level of gender inequity and improve the quality of life of women in Bali.

To promote awareness on present issues relevant to women and children in Bali and empower the stakeholders – women, government institutions, CSO’s and NGO’s) to find suitable solutions based on the principle of gender equity.

The team responsible for planning and implementation of the activities consists of:

  1. Luh Riniti Rahayu (chairperson / profesion: agricultural engineer, member of provincial committee for general elections, academic lecturer)
  2. Sita van Bemmelen (vice chairperson, profession: gender & development consultant)
  3. Luh Putu Anggreni (section Law, profession: lawyer)
  4. Magdalena Manik (anthropologist)
  5. Luh Sukawati (lawyer)
  6. Ketut Syahruwardi Abbas (journalist)
  7. Secretary: Sri Sulandari

All members of Bali Sruti are volunteers except the secretary. Due to lack of continuous funding additional administrative support is hired at the time it is needed, usually close to an event.

The organization has a modest office equipped with two computers and a printer.

The main strength of the organization is its wide network. Bali Sruti has access to most local government agencies, government women’s organizations, local NGO’s and national ones (including national ones such as KAPAL Perempuan, GPSP,  Kartini Network), political parties, and the media. Access to this combination of different actors makes it possible for Bali Sruti to function as a provider of information on women’s and children’s issues which has become increasingly known in Bali over the years.

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Luh Riniti
Luh Riniti
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Bali Sruti, lembaga peduli perempuan dan anak (organization caring about women and children) was established in August 2004 by Dr. Luh Rinit

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Titik Suharyati
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